Tatonka Consulting Ltd. is a strategic consulting group specializing in effective marketing
concepts and rich content creation. We strive to help companies define their goals,
while bridging the gap between their business and their customers.


While Tatonka is operated out of Denver, CO., the two founding members are from Wyoming. Tatonka is a Native American word meaning bison or American buffalo. It is believed that the Lakota or Sioux were the first to use the word.

The bison is often referred to as the “monarch of the plains”, and as the Wyoming state mammal, is featured prominently on the state flag. Tatonka also symbolizes the freedom with which bison once roamed the Wyoming plains.

Boo Dixon

Julianna “Boo” Dixon is a goal oriented, performance driven business powerhouse. Boo’s responsibilities at Tatonka include business development, strategic planning and positioning, and operations.

With over a decade of sales experience, impeccable creative vision, and solid business background, Boo offers a passion for business and the ability to generate unique strategic business solutions to accomplish company goals.

She received her dual undergraduate degrees from the University of Denver in Real Estate and Construction Management. After working in sales and marketing for several years, she went on to earn her MBA from the University of Colorado Denver.

Boo’s diverse background makes her a very valuable asset to the Tatonka team. She has modeled for over nine years locally and nationally, been Miss Frontier of Cheyenne Frontier Days, and been head project manager for Edwards Development. Whether she is hard at work or participating in just about any outdoor activity, Boo’s determination and perseverance will always show through. She lives the motto “work hard to play hard”.

Ben Silver

Ben is Tatonka’s not so secret marketing weapon, specializing in visual content creation, production, and marketing, including social media marketing and marketing planning.

Ben grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming playing soccer, ice hockey and snow-boarding whenever he wasn’t debating or at the movies. His undergraduate degree from the University of Denver in Video Production led him to Los Angeles for the next few years to work as a film editor and videographer where he helped create an IED training simulator for the U.S. military before returning to DU for
his MBA.

When he’s not busy working, Ben can usually be found at one of the movie theaters in town or anywhere that serves excellent wine… unless he is out exploring another part of the world. Ben brings a unique eye for taste and quality to the Tatonka Team.


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